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Throngs of Iniquity

A picturesque, philosophical word path converging with and depicting the author's (late teens through early twenties) life, through anger, depression, a love story, vision and joy—book by Misop Baynun

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Excerpts from the book:

1) Shape Without Color

“So here I sit, riding on a purple bus. My visions claim no other lust than to ride on this eternal purple bus.” ...

4) Pockets of Eternity

“My love falls to the floor before her and lets out a horrendous scream. A scream that says in the deepest way that these words can be said...and if...understood to the fullest...the world would stop...the trains would...halt, the babies would stop crying, the children would stop playing in the school yards and put down their kick balls and Frisbees, the actors on the soap operas would put down their scripts full of petty little arguments, the cats would stop licking themselves and look up, the dogs would pull their heads in from the windows of speeding cars so they could hear, the cockroaches would crawl out from under last night's dirty dishes, even at the risk of their own lives, and I would put down my pen and stop writing such...things, all to hear the words I say to her... 'I LOVE YOU.'” ...

63) Lament

“The strength of our own souls are spent On shadows of our fear's lament We lie in siege by hesitance We live and breathe beneath its stench The lovers' hands grow cool to touch As they stare at dreams that cost too much For them to dare to grasp them”

“Quite a book.”—Anonymous

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